Isla San Pedro

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Some Numbers

This island has a road of 40 kilometers (with an investment of USD 1 million) that completely surrounds it, the base road of possible lots. This road provides access to numerous sandy beaches where cabins will be built.
Several kilometers of tracking footprints have been made.
The main sector called Gran Bahía there are three cabins of about 90 square meters each.
Also a boutique lodge of 600 square meters with a total investment of USD 1 million.
In the sector a canopy of 400 meters long was built.

What’s Next

Now that the Hotel is launched, we will build a marina, since the place is of unsurpassed natural conditions, in addition to exercising a new pole of attraction for all sailors who already know the side of the continent and who will see here an unforgettable experience.

Our next project on the island is to plant a vineyard for the elaboration of Champenois.

Profitable Business

Between the two channels that surround the island, San Pedro Channel and Huamblad Channel, large sea currents are formed, so it is being evaluated by some agents for the generation of electricity with turbines.

It also has the second highest point of the Big Island, 560m above sea level, so having such a high summit there is the possibility of leasing land to install telecommunications antennas. In fact, the Navy, the Municipality and the Piñera Foundation currently have their antennas housed there.

While many nearby areas are developed, Isla San Pedro remains primarily in its natural state with several cabins, a scenic lodge overlooking the ocean and the Andean Mountains, hiking trails, and 34 kilometers (21 miles) of road encircling the perimeter.

Where is Isla San Pedro in South America?

Isla San Pedro

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