How to get there

ChiloƩ Island is the largest island in the ChiloƩ Archipelago, the second largest island in Chile, after the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, and the fifth largest in South America. The ChiloƩ Archipelago is separated from the western shores of Chile by the Gulf of Ancud (Spanish: Golfo de Ancud) and the Gulf of Corcovado (Spanish: Golfo de Corcovado).

The island is reached on the Greater Island of ChiloĆ©, located south of Puerto Montt in Chileā€™s ā€œLakes Region, whose Mocopullia Airfield in Castro you can get on a 100-minute commercial flight from Santiago de Chile. Once there, you can reach QuellĆ³n in a 60 minutes car trip by the gorgeous Pan American Highway, which begins in Anchorage, Alaska and ends precisely y QuellĆ³n, the nearest village to Isla San Pedro on ChiloĆ©.

From there Isla San Pedro is accessed by boat, and it takes an hour and a half to arrive, or by speedboat, 40 minutes.

In the near future it will have municipal marine transport with a cost of $ 3,000 pesos (USD 4) per person.