Beautiful paradise

No matter which season you visit the island, there is something beautiful to find here every time.

ChiloƩ is a lush, picturesque area in the northern Patagonian region of Chile that features evergreen forests, rolling hills dotted with farms, and charming coastal fishing villages.

Influenced by Spanish colonial settlement and the Huilliche Indians, the local culture is distinctive and unique. Lovely old wooden churches, arts and crafts, friendly locals called Chilotes, freshly-caught seafood, and a rich history filled with regional folklore are yours to discover in ChiloƩ.

The ChiloĆ© Archipelago was first inhabited by two main peoples: the Chonos and the tribe of the ā€œHuilliches.ā€ The Chonos were from the South and were a tough, nomadic people that spoke their own tongue. They were known to have great sailing skills and were fishermen. The Huilliches were pacific people and known for their farming skills. They were said to have resembled the Mapuche, an indeginous people to Chile, and the two would form alliances.